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For It Is Life!

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

You've read the previous post and you've created your list. Now review your list and identify common characteristics between some of the activities and write a few sentences summarizing the common themes among them. Maybe ask someone else their opinion on what common thread they think of when reading your list if you're stuck.

Here is my list:

> Performing dance routines

> Snow skiing

> Climbing trees/hiking in the wood

> Going on church retreats

> Collecting Nuts&Bolts

> Reading Nancy Drew Books

> Making a doll

> Putting together outfits

> Baking cakes and pretzels

> Playing Atari games- trying to beat my highest score

> Watching Top Gun

> Researching in the library

And here is my summary:

Using my large muscles; being in nature; solving problems/puzzles; striving to do better and

better; creating with my hands.

Now... going forward... anything new you think of or someone recommends to you... a new club, a different job, a new hobby, an idea for a business, simply compare everything in your life right now or anything new you're thinking about adding into your life -- compare it to the summary of your list.

If it doesn't fall in line with your theme then dismiss it right away. Don't waist your emotional energy thinking another day and day dreaming about it. Even if it's "supposed" to make you millions.

Don't dwell on the past any longer, wishing this or that had happened, day dreaming about all the "what if'" scenarios in your head. What if I had just done that... what if I didn't quit that... what if they had done that... etc.

I'm wheeling the iron curtain shut on your past right now! You can only go forward now. You've pulled out from your past all that you need in your list: the positive things that make you come alive inside and make you feel you. Leave all the rest of it behind that iron curtain - the hurt times and disappointments.

We've heard people say," Ah... if only to be young again". I say, "Ah...what a blessing to have a new day and be another day older".

"Look to this day for it is life. In its brief existence lay all the truths and realities of your existence: The bliss from growth, the glory of action, the splendor of achievement! Yesterday is but a dream and tomorrow is only a vision. But today well lived makes every yesterday a dream of happiness and every tomorrow a vision of hope. Look to this day!" - Sanskirt

Anytime you start to feel overwhelmed with life or frustrated or down on yourself - now instead of turning to your negative behavior patterns: shopping unnecessarily, finishing off a whole tub of ice cream and cookies, drinking too much...etc. instead - go to your list and summary, and do one of those activities instead.

Grab a journal and write down the action you took and describe how it made you feel glorious.

Each day going forward now- briefly write down an action you took, growth or achievement you made and describe the bliss of the growth, glory from the action and splendor of the achievement.

Bliss from growth - glory from action - splendor of achievement.

For example: if growing tomatoes is your thing and jives with your list, then each week or anytime you need to revive your spirits and recharge - take a small action toward growing tomatoes and write it down. Pretty soon, after several small actions - you'll feel the bliss from growth and then the splendor of achievement when you're tasting fresh ripe tomatoes you've grown.

This will help to keep you looking forward and bring positive energy into your life. Help you to break bad habits and feel good about your self. As you continue to do this, you'll begin to connect with your true self and move closer to your narrow path that will lead to your destiny.

See you on the next post!


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